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Why The Name Change to Public Grid?

Joe Robbins
October 19, 2023
2 min read

Change is inevitable. Embracing it? That's a choice.

As we've grown and reflected on our journey, we realized that our name, "Cottage", while comforting, wasn’t right for where we wanted to take our company. As our model expanded and our understanding of the market deepened, "Cottage" started to feel too limited, too localized for the vast ambition we envisioned.

We believe that the power to improve our energy system doesn’t come for single Cottages but from a network, a collective of people.

Real change comes when we can empower the public to take bold simple actions that will have a profound impact on our electricity grid and a massive reduction in our environmental impact.

Cue our new name - Public Grid

We are the public. We're the ones responsible for shaping the future, for making conscious choices, and for steering the world in a direction aligned with our values.

In the face of adversity, particularly the looming specter of climate change, we could retreat to our individual "cottages" or we could stand together, united on a grand "public grid", harnessing collective energy and purpose.

The name has changed. The mission?

It's only grown stronger.

We're here to simplify sustainability, to show that every small effort, when combined, can have an earth-shattering impact.

"Public Grid" isn't just about us. It's about all of us. It's about understanding that life's obstacles can be transformed into opportunities. We’d like to humbly ask you to join us, and help change the world for the better, one small action at a time.