Climate change is not new news.

There is a whole list of things that we all ought to be doing to help fight climate change, but where do you start? Taking steps to progress towards a sustainable future often takes time, money and effort. It’s overwhelming and –let’s be honest- kind of confusing.

After all, how much difference can one person truly make on their own?

That’s where we step in.

We created an effortless way to join a community that is dedicated to making a positive impact today and in the future. We put all of our expertise in electricity markets and utilities to create a platform that leverages your electricity account for good.

Our platform connects you to a suite of small actions that make a big impact on reducing your environmental impact (and electricity bill).

We made Public Grid so everyone can participate in doing something game changing, with one simple click. We exist to help you take those small actions that lead to a big impact.

For you. For the community. For the planet.
Power through

Our Values


We are committed to give all humans equitable access to low cost energy.

Think different

We continuously strive to re-think and innovate the energy industry that has been plagued by complacency.

Earth Focused

We strive to create a balance between traditional energy and green energy sources for a sustainable way to interact with the planet.

Partner with us

Want to join with our mission? Become a Public Grid partner! Reach out to learn how we can work together to green the planet. Let's start the conversation about sustainability and get on the path to carbon neutrality.

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